Monday, February 1

Roland Sands Ronin & Clash Go Black Ops

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Ah, Roland Sands. A more signature style in the world of moto you shall not find. From parts to premium leathers, the gear that comes out of the RSD studios is a mixture of hardcore R&D and a more than moderate splash of timeless style. If you are a fashion-conscious rider (and you are… just admit it), then the aesthetic that continually comes from Roland Sands Designs is probably something that has sparked your interest.

Roland Sands Ronin Black Ops Leather Motorcycle JacketIn my opinion, there is no cooler jacket out there than the Ronin from Roland Sands. And, to be precise, when I say “cool” I mean that in the figurative sense, because it is unventilated and can be quite sticky in the summer months. From the premium leather feel to the ultra-plush interior, the Ronin is without question one of the most prominent jackets in the RSD lineup. I think so highly of this particular jacket that it is the one that I have procured for myself. I wear it daily. It is fantastic. Now, new for 2016, the Roland Sands Ronin Black Ops Jacket is here to add a bit of shadowy goodness to the already highly sought after kingpin. Completely blacked out and featuring GT racer leather as well as Suede and hand finished, drum-dyed cowhide, the Black Ops Ronin jacket definitely adds a bit of extra intrigue to any rider’s gear closet.

Roland Sands Ronin Black Ops Jacket Review:

Roland Sands Clash Black Ops Leather Motorcycle JacketThe Roland Sands Clash Black Ops Jacket is much like the Ronin, just with a bit different styling. For a more asymmetric look, the Clash is all about channeling your inner rocker and exuding vintage styling for all that it’s worth. This jacket is incredibly light, uniquely designed, and is entirely blacked out for legendary nights on the bike or the town. The Clash features the same leather construction as the Ronin Black Ops, is equally as sleek on the interior, and is of the same undeniable timelessness which will retain its attention-grabbing aesthetic for years to come.

Roland Sands Clash Black Ops Jacket Review:

Roland Sands makes amazing jackets. I own one myself and to this day have not seen a classic leather option that I would prefer. With the introduction of the Black Ops options to the Ronin and Clash, riders of different aesthetic and material tastes now have another set of choices when looking to find the right leather jacket for themselves.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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