Wednesday, June 1

Dainese Stripes Textile Jacket: Cool Things Rock Stripes

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Tigers. Race cars. Old school baseball uniforms. All of these have stripes. All of these are very cool. Coincidence? Well, yeah, it probably is. But it takes nothing away from the overarching point. Stripes are cool, classy, and timeless as they simultaneously exude sophistication, power, and swag. It should be no surprise then that the new Dainese Stripe Textile Jacket does as all of those things as well.

Dainese Stripes Tex Motorcycle JacketAs an entry-level, 2-season motorcycle jacket, the Dainese Stripes Textile Jacket brings a dash of vintage aesthetic and swagger to contemporary moto, and it does so at a relatively moderate price point for the Dainese brand. Constructed with a Quickdry textile exterior, the Dainese Stripes Jacket has been augmented with sueded accents that give it an added visual complexity all its own. Within, the Stripes textile jacket is backed by removable composite protectors at the shoulders and elbows, as well as pockets that accept additional back back armor that is sold separately. Additional features include reflective inserts, wrist, neck, and waist adjustment, and a jacket-to-trousers connection loop for seamless integration with a pair of riding pants.

Dainese Stripes Textile Jacket Review:

The Dainese Strip Tex Jacket keeps things simple for riders who want to rock a relaxed jacket off of the bike just as much as they want to wear a moto-specific option on it. In taking from a vintage aesthetic that is always in style, Dainese has crafted a textile jacket that will retain it’s fashion sense well into the future.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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