Monday, August 29

Alpinestars Racefend Gloves

Tony - Content Coordinator

It’s hard to get to the top. Once you are there, it’s even harder to defend it. If your “top” happens to be found on a motocross track, then the Alpinestars Racefend Gloves will be ready to help you hold on to that position.

Alpinestars Racefend Motorcycle GlovesThe Racefend Gloves are feature-rich dirt gloves with a focus on performance at a high level. While many off-road gloves are incredibly basic (by design), the Astars Racefend Gloves bring a bit more to the table for riders who bring a bit more to the race. In making use of stretch top material and a Neoprene, with a single-piece Clarino palm, the Racefend Gloves are at the same time highly comfortable and incredibly tactile in their construction. The intricacies and “above and beyond” features of the Alpinestars Racefends can be seen in the TPR inserts at the knuckles, silicone finger grip pattern, and TPR wrist adjustments that allow for the gloves to be more protective, more responsive, and more securely fitted than many of their contemporaries.

Alpinestars Racefend Gloves Review:

Standing at the top ain’t always easy (actually, it never is), but with the right attitude, and the right gear to match, it is a place worth visiting and staying for a good long while.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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