Monday, August 29

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves

Alpinestars dropped a major bombshell this fall by announcing the new Alpinestars Supertech Leather Gloves. These are the new top dog in Alpinestars' gloves range, and will be the go-to option for track-use.

The new Alpinestars Supertech Gloves build off the reputable GP-Tech platform. The biggest changes are structural with the Supertech gloves moving to a full kangaroo-leather construction. The palm of the glove is now made with fewer pieces of leather, for fewer seams, which increases the protection. On a similar note, the leather on the blade of the hand has now eliminated all seams on what is a common slide area.

Alpinestars Supertech Leather Motorcycle GlovesErgonomically, the new knuckle armor is now more flexible and the fingers of the glove have a more aggressive pre-curve. The big news is the addition of stretch material right at the base of the thumb for greater range of movement and flexibility. The fingers also have no seams where your hands interface with the controls, and accordion-leather on the back of the fingers for increased dexterity. The back of the hand, the little finger, and this new thumb stretch panel are all reinforced with Kevlar on the inside. The patented third and fourth finger bridge carries right over from the GP-Tech, but the third finger is now linked a little lower to allow for a little more independent movement.

The new  Alpinestars Supertech Leather Gloves are at the top of the food chain, not just in Alpinestars' line up, but in the racing gloves market in general. When it comes to super technical protection and performance though, this move has been long anticipated and Alpinestars have definitely delivered!


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