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Dainese Boots: Nighthawk D1 Gore-Tex Boots & Darker Gore-Tex Shoes

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Soggy feet ruin a good ride. Simple as that. To combat this, many boots offer waterproofing capabilities. However, if wet feet are the worst, second on the list are non-breathable waterproof liners that don’t let the perspiration escape, thus leaving your feet equally soaked in sweat. That is where Gore-Tex comes in. As the industry standard for waterproof and breathable material quality, Dainese’s choice to use the GTX membrane in their new Nighthawk D1 and Street Darker footwear only further solidifies their commitment to world-class motorcycle boots and shoes.

Dainese Nighthawk D1 Gore-Tex Motorcycle BootsThe Dainese Nighthawk D1 Gore-Tex Boots are built to be comfortable, long-range option for all of the miles ahead. From TPU reinforcements to rigid inserts, the Nighthawk D1 Gore-Tex Boots are constructed with quality that puts allows them to meet the CE-Cat II Standard, while also remaining lightweight and cozy for long rides. The new emphasis on comfort with the Nighthawk D1 can be seen in the more walk-in-able sole, as well as a superior ergonomic design that allows for increased mobility off of the bike.

Dainese Nighthawk D1 Gore-Tex Boots Review:

Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Motorcycle ShoesFor riders who want to take comfort and style off of the bike to an entirely new level, however, the Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Shoes are just the ticket. As a premium riding shoe that combines sneaker fashion with moto-functionality, the Darker GTX Shoes are really a pretty marvelous addition to the Dainese lineup. Rigid inserts at the ankles and TPU ankle reinforcements add to the rugged durability and protectiveness of these over-the-ankle riding shoes, while a classic and timeless design allows them to look as fashionable with a pair of jeans as any casual shoes in your collection.

Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Shoes Review:

Whether you are looking for a more touring-inspired or casual option for your motorcycle footwear, Dainese has provided each, with the best waterproofing in the world, for the Fall of 2016.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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