Saturday, August 27

Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Helmet

It is always a glorious day worthy of celebration when Icon releases a new helmet graphic. The new Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Helmet is sure to put a smile on your face, and, well, your helmet too.

Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Motorcycle HelmetThis lobotomized demon design is one of the wild new illustrations joining the ranks of Icon’s product line for the Fall 2016 season. With Icon, you really either love it or hate it - they are “Hi-Viz” by a completely different definition of the word. The good news is that even though there is a big ol’ brain on the outside of this helmet, the technology built into the Airframe Pro is meant to keep your brain nice and safe on the inside. The hand-laid composite shell, aggressive sportbike “angle of attack”, and refined aerodynamic styling is no joke. This is a serious helmet that doesn’t take itself so seriously. Let’s be clear: the cars in front of you are going to look back and see a giant smiley face staring right back at them, but when you roll on that throttle and speed by, they are going to see that gnarly green inner-demon graphic with its brains spilling out. Whoa, bro.

Icon Airframe Pro Brozak Helmet Review:

If you ever feel like you’re a little “different” and might have a lot going on in your head, at least keep that head safe and let a little bit of your freaky side out with the new Icon Airframe Pro “Brozak” graphic. Being normal is boring!

Get out and explore!

Chris S.

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