Saturday, August 27

Icon Merc Deployed Jacket

Icon’s ever-popular Merc jacket is the latest to receive the new “Deployed” graphic, which is a stylized urban camo pattern Icon has rolled out across a number of items in their line this Fall 2016 season. The Merc’s tank-like protection scheme is a perfect compliment to this military inspired jacket design, and is truly a safe bet if you treat the streets like your own personal battleground.

Icon Merc Deployed Motorcycle JacketThe Icon Merc Deployed Jacket is a mid-weight, fully armored jacket that utilizes some of the most technical armor on the market in the form of D3O impact protection in the shoulders, elbows and back. 800D ballistic nylon shields the abrasion zones, while a 600D soft-shell rounds out the body of the jacket. Water and wind resistance, paired with zippered armpit ventilation will afford you the ability to tackle a broad range of temperatures and riding conditions. In short, this jacket can stand up to some serious abuse while still providing enough functionality to be worn across multiple seasons. Stash your phone, run your headphones through the included headphone port, put on your favorite song and attack the streets. All of this utility comes in at an easy to swallow sub-$200.

While some folks might agree that camo is the answer to everything, I can see this graphic being a bit polarizing in its busy design. If it’s not your style, remember there are many other variations on the Merc jacket, all of which contain the same versatility without the battleship appearance. Additionally, the fit on this one is a bit relaxed, so take that into account if you’re a slimmer rider and want a trim fit.

Icon Merc Deployed Jacket Review:

All told, the Merc remains one of our best sellers for a reason: tons of function wrapped up with Icon’s signature style, all under $200. I can definitely see this new Deployed graphic being a hit for all the urban warriors out there.

Get out and explore!

Chris S.

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