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Klim F3 Helmet

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Getting the most out of motorcycling necessitates getting the most out of where you ride. For many, they are only enjoying half of the fun. To fully get a glimpse into all of the two-wheeled possibilities out there, riders need to challenge themselves with new challenges, new roads, and -- here’s the part that is generally missing -- new trails! That’s right. Getting off-road is something that eludes many of the best riders. Whether it be for lack of opportunity or removal from an area that allows for ample dirt riding, life on the off-road is a missing piece of the overall motorcycling puzzle for a lot of riders and gear manufacturers alike. Klim, however, is a master of the off-road and has cultivated a wide-ranging array of gear that is up for the task. With the introduction of the Klim F3 Helmet, riders who are interested in getting rugged and rowdy in the dirt have an option that melds many high-end features with a mid-range price point.
Klim F3 Motorcycle Helmet
Looking at the Klim F3 and the graphical options that accompany it such as the Klim F3 Camo Helmet, F3 Lightning, and F3 Pinstripes, it is easy to see the mindset of the brand. Basically, they are obsessed with the off-road. They live for the adventure. They reject the status quo. And they don’t hesitate to push the envelope when looking to develop the best gear for like-minded riders.

Klim F3 Helmet Review:

Klim F3 Camo Motorcycle HelmetWhether it be the base F3, or electric graphical options like the Klim F3 Lightning Helmet, this helmet was designed to offer dirt riders a lightweight, streamlined, and relatively aerodynamic lid that worked just as hard in the saddle as the riders who wear it. Engineered to reduce neck fatigue over longer rides, the F3 Helmet is constructed of Klim’s Structure Mapped Composite base and meets both DOT and ECE safety standards. At the same time, as off-road riding is among the most physically-demanding that there is, the Klim F3 Pinstripes Helmet (along with all of the other F3 lids) feature intelligent ventilation that utilizes 13 intake vents and 6 exhausts for the maximization of airflow throughout. Additional features of the Klim F3 lineup include 3D ergonomic cheek pads, Klimatek internal liner fabric, and three different shell sizes.

In the end, the Klim F3, F3 Pinstripes, F3 Lightning, and F3 Camo helmets are all about offering riders the ability to effectively tackle the second (often overlooked) half of motorcycling, and thus, completing the experience for all.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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