Monday, September 26

Arai Signet X Helmet

Tony - Content Coordinator

Built specifically for riders with a long oval head shape, the Arai Signet X Helmet brings an old favorite to a new year.

Arai Signet X Motorcycle HelmetAs an ultra-premium motorcycle helmet from one of the most notable lid manufacturers on earth, the Signet-X is premium in every regard. Hand-crafted excellence sets the Signet-X (and the whole Arai lineup for that matter) apart from the pack, along with decades of research and design by the best in the business. For riders with long oval head shapes, there have been few options in the past that better merge fitment and function at the top-tier level. Features of the Signet X include a VAS Max Vision faceshield with Pinlock lens insert, a PB-SCLC outer shell that is both lightweight and highly protective, and a neckroll that is removable with additional exhaust vents for increased airflow.

Arai is one of the best. With the Signet X they build upon years of perfection-seeking and motorcycle design diligence to provide riders with one of the best options for long-oval headshapes.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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