Friday, September 9

Dainese Mugello R D-Air Race Suit

Tony - Content Coordinator

The best. Not something that can often be said. There is always competition at the top, and rarely is there a definitive winner. With so much room individual preferences, “the best” truly is hard to come by. In the world of motorcycle racing suits, however, the new Dainese Mugello R D-Air Race Suit is just about as close as it gets.

Dainese Mugello R D-Air Motorcycle Race SuitAs one of the most premium leather race suits on the planet, the Mugello R D-Air Race Suit brings together motorcycle specificity, Italian fashion, and high-end technology like no other mass-market option has before. As with everything Dainese, the Mugello R D-Air is precision-crafted for motorcycle riders and incorporates all that one would expect. From a full Kangaroo leather outer shell that has uses seamless engineered fabric, to Titanium shoulder and knee inserts, an aerodynamic spoiler, strategically-placed microelastication, and even a hydration system for those hot days, everything about the Mugello R D-Air has been geared for going fast, and doing so in style. However, the main differentiator with the Mugello R D-Air Suit is, the D-Air portion of it! With a seamless LED interface showing the state of the ultra-sophisticated D-Air on board computer, the Dainese Mugello R D-Air brings airbag technology for the shoulders, lateral false ribs, neck, and collarbone to the mix making it one of the safest pieces of gear to be sold for the track.

In the end, “the best” is tough to calculate in anything other than the final lap times. But, for riders looking for the most advanced motorcycle race suit on the planet, their best bet will be to take a gander at the newest offering from Dainese.

Have fun out there, be safe, and always…

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