Thursday, September 15

Shoei GT-Air Helmets: Decade and Pendulum

Tony - Content Coordinator

Time and momentum. They are integrally intertwined, and equally as important. One we move through, and the other determines how we do it. New for the Fall of 2016, Shoei brings both to the forefront with the GT-Air Decade and GT-Air Pendulum.

Shoei GT-Air Decade Motorcycle HelmetThe Shoei GT-Air Decade Helmet is a throwback design draped over a modernistic frame. Taken straight out of a classic motorcycle race movie, or stock footage from a bygone era of two-wheeled racing, the Decade graphic is one rooted in nostalgia. However, at the same time, the GT-Air blueprint that it covers is anything but old. Constructed of some of the best helmet shell materials in the business, the GT-Air Decade also features a max-air ventilation system (as the name would imply), a 3-D Max-Dry center pad, eyeglass-compatible interiors, and a CNS-1 shield system for optimal optics.

Shoei GT-Air Pendulum Motorcycle HelmetMoving through the decades are one thing, moving through them with a bit of force is another entirely. To provide a bit of precisely that, the Shoei GT-Air Pendulum Helmet is a graphic that has been designed in a way that expresses movement, even while sitting still. With three high-contrast colorways available, the GT-Air Pendulum provides that not only serve to add a bit of visual vibrancy, but also to make riders more visible on the road. Just as with the Decade helmet, the Pendulum features all of the great GT-Air amenities, such as a built in drop-down sun visor and an Emergency Quick-Release System.

New graphics are always fun to see. There’s nothing like injecting a bit of aesthetic excitment into an ultra-premium lineup. For the Fall of 2016, that is exactly what Shoei has done with the Decane and Pendulum GT-Air helmets.

Have fun out there, have fun, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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