Monday, September 26

Arai Graphics: Signet-X Place and Corsai-X Ghost

Tony - Content Coordinator

Arai makes some of the best helmets in the world. They also make some of the most interesting graphics. By combining art with acumen, they have built one of the most revered helmet brands on the planet. With the introduction of 2 new graphics to their helmets, they are looking to keep that perch at the top for Fall of 2016 and beyond.

Arai Signet X Motorcycle HelmetThe Arai Signet-X Place Helmet is a traditional “fast” helmet. Built to mimic the racing regalia of some of the most notable road and track legends, the Place graphic gives the sense of zooming by, even when the helmet is sitting still. Built on the new Signet-X frame, the Place graphic offers riders with long oval head shapes a way to add a bit of visual vibrancy to one of the most premium helmets for their fitment. As at home at the TT as it is around town, the premium quality of the Signet-X Place helmet is top-tier throughout.

Arai Corsair-X Ghost Motorcycle HelmetSpeaking of “fast” there are few helmets in the cosmos that scream it as loud as does the Arai Corsair-X Ghost Helmet. Built as the ultra-premium, on-a-level-all-its-own, kind of racing helmet, the Corsair-X is the helmet of choice for some of the best riders, at the highest levels of racing. With the Ghost graphic, the Corsair-X adds a dragon-esq quality to the helmet that innovated fit, features, and safety criteria as much as any in recent memory from Arai.

Whether you are looking for a long oval road helmet, or one of the most ardently-designed track lids in the game, the Fall 2016 releases from Arai have something to put a bit of pep in your on-bike aesthetics.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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