Tuesday, October 4

Bell Bullitt Graphics: Triple Threat, Independent, and Spitfire

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When the Bell Bullitt was introduced, it made waves. It was new. It was premium. It was modern. Yet, at the same time, it was designed to evoke the aesthetics and motorcycle style of a bygone era. For the Fall of 2016, three new graphics have been released in the lineup that will keep the excitement (and style!) going well into the future.
Bell Bullitt Triple Threat Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Bullitt Triple Threat Helmet is all about the sophistication of simplicity. Featuring a power color scheme, the Black / Red / White graphic does not try to be overly fancy. Nor does it try to impress you with its intricacy. That simply isn’t its game. The Bell Bullitt Triple Threat is what it is, it does what it does, and it rides the way it rides because it just doesn’t feel like being anything else. Nor should it! It’s pretty rad.

Bell Bullitt Triple Threat Helmet Review:

Bell Bullitt Independent Motorcycle HelmetFor skateboarders, the Independent Truck Co. is a brand that needs no introduction. For non-skaters, well, this helmet may not be for you. As one of the most prominent truck makers in the game, the Independent Truck Co. has been getting it done at the highest level for years, and now, the Bell Bullitt Independent Helmet brings their signature look to the world of moto. As a helmet that firmly stands at the intersection of two different, yet equally phenomenal subcultures, the Bullitt Independent graphic is all about cool things with wheels. Again, pretty rad.

Bell Bullitt Independent Helmet Review:

Bell Bullitt Carbon Motorcycle Spitfire HelmetTo cap off the Fall 2016 graphical updates to the cafe-racer themed Bullitt, Bell went all the way back to the geographical location where the movement got its start. The Bell Bullitt Carbon Spitfire Helmet prominently displays its British mindset and looks as if it were built from the ground up to go fast through the English countryside. In addition to the premium features that this lid shares with the other additions to the Bullitt lineup, the Spitfire also boasts an ultra-lightweight carbon composite outer shell for good measure.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Spitfire Helmet Review:

Classic doesn’t have to be old. Nor does it have to be delicate and non-functional. The Bell Bullitt proved that to be the case upon its introduction, and with the release of these three new graphics, it continues to assert its position to this day.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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