Tuesday, October 4

Bell Road Warriors: Pit Boss Sport, Pit Boss Black Ops, & Rogue Ghost Recon

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Attitude and aptitude. Those are great barometers for success. When it comes to motorcycle helmets for the Fall of 2016, Bell has introduced a handful of new options that have both.

Bell Pit Boss Black Ops HelmetThe Bell Pit Boss Black Ops Helmet is a new graphical update to an old favorite. The Pit Boss has been around for a few years, and its claim to fame has been the incorporation of comfort features within a half-helmet design. A novel idea, right? From the Speed Dial adjustment fit system that helps to provide an improved fitment (even at speed), to the lightweight TriMatrix composite shell and internal drop-down sun visor, the Pit Boss is a feature-rich half helmet that stands at the head of the pack. Add in a bit of ghosted camo pattern in the Black Ops graphic, and it only gets better!

Bell Pit Boss Black Ops Helmet Review:

Bell Pit Boss Sport Helmet
For riders who like the premium construction, but want an even more streamlined half helmet, the new Bell Pit Boss Sport Helmet is also new to the game for the Fall of 2016. Designed to retain the same fitment advantages as the original, the Pit Boss Sport allows for an even more low-profile look as it does not include a drop-down sun shield. In the end, the Pit Boss Sport keeps it basic in order to accentuate the experience of riding as a whole.

Bell Pit Boss Sport Helmet Review:

Bell Rogue Ghost Recon Helmet
Finally, there is the Bell Rogue Ghost Recon Helmet. It doesn’t really need an introduction. One look, and that is enough. As one of the meanest looking helmets on the road, the Ghost Recon graphic takes a bone-crushing swagger and combines it with face melting intensity -- before wrapping it all up in an urban camo paint scheme and front-facing skull smile. Constructed of a lightweight composite shell, the Bell Rogue Ghost Recon Helmet features a removable and adjustable muzzle, comes in 3 shell sizes, and has a removable/washable internal liner.

Bell Rogue Ghost Recon Helmet Review:

Three helmets for three personalities. All somewhat different, but all very much the same.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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