Wednesday, October 5

Schuberth SR2 Graphics: Lightning, Formula, Traction, and Wildcard

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Going fast has rarely looked as good as it does in the new Schuberth SR2. As the latest in the brand’s ultra-premium race-day helmets, it is a lid that is as technologically advanced as it is plain cool to look at -- and look cool in. For the Fall release, Schuberth has added to the appeal with a handful of new colorways as well.
Schuberth SR2 Lightning Helmet

The Schuberth SR2 Lightning Helmet is a tech-themed addition to this tech-driven helmet. For years, Schuberth has been amongst the industry leaders in designing helmets that make use of the latest and greatest in both material and data-driven advancements. Whether it be their vast experiences throughout a variety of motorsports applications, or the countless hours of wind-tunnel testing that they do within their own facilities, Schuberth is a cutting-edge brand. With the SR2 Lightning graphic, they project that feeling onto to the lid itself.
Schuberth SR2 Formula Helmet

There is no theorem needed. No reference check of the Periodic Table required. The Schuberth SR2 Formula Helmet is a beast. Plain and simple. Refined in its look and with an ultra-smooth quality to its style, the SR2 Formula graphic is kind of like that really cool European friend of yours who is at home with any conversation, comfortable at any social function, and welcoming to all who stop by for a visit. Long story short, it is a timeless graphic on a super-classy helmet that will always be in style.

Schuberth SR2 Traction HelmetFor a somewhat more aggressive stance on helmet graphics, the Schuberth SR2 Traction Helmet is also new for the Fall of 2016. As with all of its SR2 brethren, the Traction graphic rides atop one of the most precision-crafted motorcycle race helmets on the planet. Pattern-breaking in its graphic and industry-leading in its performance, the SR2 Traction Helmet is the kind of lid that demands a rider who is going to give it what it needs; speed -- lots of it, and in rapid succession.

Schuberth SR2 Wildcard HelmetAs the wacky brother in the SR2 family, the Schuberth SR2 Wildcard Helmet more than lives up to its name. With some of the most attention-grabbing color combinations, and a pattern that is somewhere between an angular space-invader ship and something from a Michael Bay movie, the SR2 Wildcard is far from subtle. Like the scene inside a kaleidoscope pointed at the lights of of a carnival ride, the Schuberth SR2 Wildcard takes one of the best racing helmets on the market and infuses it with an aesthetic all-its-own.

Speed is fun. Speed on a motorcycle is even more so. The SR2 is the latest helmet from Schuberth to augment such endeavors, and these graphics are a way to take the experience one step further still.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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