Friday, January 20

Rukka AirAll Pants

Some may wonder why a new pair of summer mesh pants is being released in the depths of winter, but those of us in the know realize that winter is when you prepare your riding gear for the next season. Plus, it's not everyday that Rukka replaces the venerable Rukka AiRider Pants.

Rukka AirAll PantsNew for 2017, the Rukka AirAll Pants improve upon the outgoing AiRider Pants. The fundamentals all stay the same, with a knitted, breathable Cordura AFT construction, but now Rukka is using even more Cordura AFT material to maximize airflow. The seat of the pants is reinforced with Keprotec for excellent abrasion resistance, and uses and Antiglide system to keep the pants from sliding around on a saddle. There is an AirCushion system as well, creating a cushion of air between the pants and the saddle to reduce condensation. Lastly, Rukka carries over their CE Level 1 rated knee and hip armor as well.

Rukka AirAll Pants Review:

Definitely more an evolution than a revolution, the Rukka AirAll Pants are well equipped to take over where the AiRider Pants left off. For riders searching for the ultimate in hot weather mesh riding gear, look no further.

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