Saturday, February 18

ICON Airmada Opacity Helmet

Icon is back again with a new awesome graphic for their popular Airmada helmet. The Icon Airmada Opacity brings a cool new peacock inspired graphic consisting of neon pink and blue colors. This helmet is a wonderful addition to their lineup.
Icon Airmada Opacity Motorcycle Helmet
The Icon Airmada Opacity Helmet uses the same tried and true design of the previous Airmada helmets but with a super stylish new graphic. The helmet still uses the polycarbonate shell along with a great removable washable, HydraDry moisture wicking interior. The helmet comes in 4 shell sizes so it is a very compact fitting helmet. It is great for those with long oval head shapes.

I'm a huge fan of this Icon Airmada Opacity helmet. I really want to get one myself! It will go great with the pink grips on my SV650! I think this is a fantastic addition to their lineup of helmets with crazy graphics.

Kyle BA

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