Saturday, February 18

ICON Airmada Rudos Helmet

Who DOESN’T need more Lucha Libre in their life? That’s what I thought! Icon never disappoints with their helmet graphics and the Icon Airmada Rudos Helmet, new for Spring of 2017, is no exception!

Icon Airmada Rudos Motorcycle HelmetWhen I saw this helmet, I immediately thought of one of my favorite taco shops in San Diego called (you guessed it) Lucha Libre Taco Shop. They have this huge gold booth you can reserve and you basically get treated like you just won the tag team championship while you scarf down delicious tacos and a nice cold cerveza... all while wearing a Luchador mask. Believe me, it is epic. In short, I imagine you will get the same satisfied feeling when you put on the Icon Airmada Rudos Helmet.

The Icon Airmada Helmet has been a staple in the Icon helmet line-up and it is a favorite among a lot of riders (my boyfriend included). The polycarb shell sports a narrower fit which is perfect for any rider with a longer oval head shape. The Rapid-Release shield change system makes it nice and easy to swap out your favorite Icon Optics Face Shield…. I am imagining a red mirror face shield… or maybe the blue… or the gold… there are so many choices! Like choosing your favorite wrestler… it’s so hard to choose!

Definitely one of my favorite Icon graphics that I have seen in recent seasons. I mean come on, I know you’ve really wanted to ride around in your Luchador mask and well… now you can!

Amanda W.

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