Saturday, February 18

ICON Konflict Gloves

The new Icon Konflict Gloves are a practical study in aggression and force.  A short cuff glove with comfort and style in mind, the Konflict has all the charm and nicety of your average rattlesnake.

ICON Konflict Motorcycle GlovesThe Konflict glove comes with a one-piece Battlehide Goat skin Palm and an Ax Suede and Neoprene backhand, composing a tough, durable carcass.  The real jewels of this glove are the Carbon-Fiber TPU knuckles that jut out in a cynical, threatening manner.  All of these features combined with a pre-curve design and Hook-and-Loop enclosure make for a glove that is built as tough as it looks.

Grab a pair this spring and enjoy their lightweight, ample protection while you rip wheelies, burn that rear tire, and mean mug anyone that needs it this riding season in the Icon Konflict Glove.

Zach G.

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