Saturday, February 18

Icon TiMAX Pants

For 2017 ICON has brought back the much missed TiMAX line, but this time around is offering a denim pant specifically oriented to an aggressive sport rider.
Icon TiMax Motorcycle Jeans
If you've ever gone full tuck in riding jeans on your Gixxer then you know how constricting they can be. The Icon TiMAX Riding Jeans address this by adding stretch panels running from the crotch, down the thigh, reaching all the way down to the calf. That comes in addition to the stretch panels above the knee and posterior, making this pant a perfect ally on a streetfighter or a crotchrocket.

Whether or not you have been waiting for the legendary TiMAX gloves, these are a great option if you want a casual look, without sacrificing movement.

Thomas C.

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