Wednesday, February 1

Klim Carlsbad Pants

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack is still apocalypse ready.

Klim Carlsbad PantsLightweight is not usually what comes to mind when thinking of Klim gear. Thanks to marquee names like the Adventure Rally and the Badlands we tend to think of Klim as taking the place of a tank when you need to cross a battlefield. While this is far from true thanks to lightweight suits like the Overland or the Traverse, those garments have often seemed too basic...merely a shell with limited venting and a billowy cut.

Not anymore! The Klim Carlsbad Pants offer a lighter weight option for the nimble adventurer not looking to carry 50 lbs of tools in the gear (that's why we shelled out for panniers!). The Carlsbad don't skimp on features, delivering intake and exhaust vents on either side of cargo pockets on the thigh, as well as leather inner knee panels for grip and heat dispersal. All this with an updated silhouette making it possible to get geared up without looking like you are missing a snowboard.

But is it tough enough for a real adventure? Yes, Klim products are almost always overkill and rarely found wanting, as Lyndon Poskitt illustrated so well by riding around the world in an Overland Suit.


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