Wednesday, February 1

Spidi Flash-R EVO Gloves

An evolution of the Flash-R, the new Spidi Flash-R EVO Gloves arrive this spring and are going to be a great option for those looking for a glove like the standard Flash-R, but with a bit beefier construction.

The Spidi Flash-R EVO Gloves are a lightweight summer glove. The glove is constructed of stretch fabric with a leather upper. The gloves also have a Powertech knuckle shield for extra protection. The gloves are touchscreen compatible and will be a great addition for summer riding. These seem to be a great glove for city riding and maybe even dirt!

Overall, it seems like these gloves are a great entry level glove. They are a great alternative to the standard Flash-R gloves. I really think a lot of people out there will appreciate the extra protection. These are great gloves for someone wanting a lightweight summer glove.


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