Thursday, September 21

Bell Star MIPS Torsion Helmet

Tightly wound and crisp in its presentation, there is nothing less than top-tier in the Bell Star MIPS Torsion Helmet.
Bell Star MIPS Torsion Motorcycle Helmet
The Bell Star Helmet is one of the most notable lids in all of moto-sports. It’s been around for decades, and has been worn by everyone from the most notable riders on the planet, to ardent track-day enthusiasts. Recently, however, the Star (traditionally a race helmet) was redefined and made into a street-going lid for the masses. With the addition of MIPS technology, the helmet has become even safer as it possesses world-class defenses against the rotational forces of a motorcycle crash. Throw in the high-energy visual vibrancy of the Torsion graphic, and this lid is a solid addition to the legendary lineup.

In the end, few helmets out there have the pedigree of the Bell Star. There is a lot to live up to. For the Fall of 2017 Bell has sought to deliver with the Torsion Helmet.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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