Friday, September 1

REV'IT! Yukon Boots

Are you tired of looking at pictures of "cool" guys on "custom" bikes wearing Red Wing boots and thinking "I love the look, but I don't want to make the reconstructive surgeon's job any more difficult"? We managed to get selvedge denim with actual protection (thank you Rokker, you rock), so why not a nice pair of work boots that will get better and better the more you wear them? Why not some footwear that screams heritage in the same way as your designer plaid shirt?
REV'IT! Yukon Motorcycle Boots
Thankfully REV'IT! answered our pleas and responded with the REV'IT! Yukon Boots. Featuring serious protection in the form of thermoformed heel and toe cup, these boots do more than just look good on the bike, they will save your foot if you come off of it! The Strong Grip rubber sole matches the style of those found on Red Wing and other traditional "work wear" boots. These aren't just practical though, they also serve as cultural identifiers which will let everyone know that you work for Twitter and ride a new Bonneville.

REV'IT! Yukon Boots Review:

If none of the above applies to you, but you are looking for a solid pair of boots you can wear all day whether on or off the bike, get these anyway. They are excellent.


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