Friday, September 1

TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots

The best in 2 worlds of operation is always a tough task. Like, an Oreo (arguably the best cookies on this planet) is not the best in the world of nutritional value. Neither is an All-Pro offensive tackle the best in the 40 yard dash. However, with the TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots, riders interested in going fast get one of the best sport motorcycle boots combined with one that resides at the top of its class when it comes to ventilation.

TCX RT-Race Pro Air Motorcycle BootsBuilt for the utmost in control and protection at the track, the TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots are armored to the teeth. At the same, however, they do not inhibit the necessary amounts of dexterity to allow riders to interact with the controls at a precision level. When it came to these race boots, TCX left nothing out in their attempt to make one of the most premium, high-performing pieces of footwear on the market. To do that, they could not ignore comfort! As it is pretty darn difficult to operate a motorcycle if your feet are sloshing around in a pool of their own sweat, the RT-Race Pro Air Boots feature a highly perforated microfiber upper that allows riders’ feet to breathe, and to generally be more happy in hot weather. Additional features of the TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots include a Fasten Fit Control lacing system, Air Tech soft-touch lining, and magnesium rear and heel sliders (among a plethora of other things!).

TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots Review:

In the end, the TCX RT-Race Pro Air boots are true podium-toppers. They are among the best boots on the planet for racing a motorcycle. Plain and simple. End of story.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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