Friday, September 1

TCX SP-Master Air Boots

Somewhere between sport and touring, that’s where you will find the TCX SP-Master Air Boots in their home element. Taking the best features of both worlds and combining them for the Sport-Touring crowd is what the SP-Master Air Boots are all about, and it is a task for which they are well-equipped.

TCX RT-Race Pro Air Motorcycle BootsIn looking to design a leader in the high-performance yet long-range motorcycle boots, TCX loaded the SP-Master Air with extensive accordion stretch bellows at the most optimum ergonomic positions throughout. This allows the SP-Master Air Boots to incorporate a ton of performance and protection features while still remaining flexible enough to allow riders to really get a great level of responsiveness and input into the foot controls. Identical in every way to their sibling the TCX SP-Master Boots, the Air version comes with everything from a polyurethane ankle retention system to ergonomic reinforcements such as the main shin plate to provide TCX level protection while in the saddle. The only difference between the two boots is that the TCX-SP Master Air Boots will come with a perforated upper whereas the regular version will not.

TCX SP-Master Air Boots Review:

Long range, high-performance for high-heat. In the end, if you are looking for a motorcycle boot that works in those conditions, check out the TCX SP-Master Air.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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