Friday, September 25

FirstGear TPG Gear Road Test Dual Sporting Through Colorado Rockies

Two weeks ago I flew to Colorado to link up with some other industry folks to basically beat the hell out of the 2010 FirstGear lineup. It was a fun trip to say the least. We did 3 days of riding 50% Road / 50% Dirt on Dualsport bikes through the Colorado Rockies. We started in Gunnison, ~250 miles SW of Denver,

I chronicled the entire trip via a Ride Report on located here FirstGear Colorado Adventure Ride

I also posted the "best of" photos to RevZilla's Flickr Gallery in Adventure Ride Collection.

I went into extreme detail on the ADV Ride Report and posted tons of pics. The short of it is as follows:

22 of us rode through heavy rain 3 times, hail twice and full-on sleet once. Also with the constant summiting and changes in elevation, in 20 minutes you can go from 70 degrees to 30 degrees and precipitation. Rocky Mountain micro-climates are pretty wild and it was a great test for the true versatility of the gear.

We hit Cottonwood, Monarch, Marshall, Kebler, Independence and McClure Passes as well as some other lowlaying adventure spots along the way.

To be accurate I was wearing the FirstGear TPG Rainier Jacket, FirstGear TPG Escape Pants, FirstGear Star Boots, FirstGear Navigator Gloves and An Arai XD3 Helmet for the ride.

With all true all-season destination apparel the garment must convert quickly with minimal effort to changing conditions. One of my favorite features of the FirstGear wares is that the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex style membrane was built into the outer shell ensuring that the external layers of the jacket never got waterlogged and eliminating the need for a rainsuit or waterproof detachable inner liner.

It was a great roadtest for the new gear to say the least. I even managed to crash and test out the new d3o molecular armor. I obviously got my money's worth and now have a definitive opinion on the performance of the new FirstGear lineup which was exemplary to say the least. I went down at about 25mph and popped right up - to look for help in dragging my bike out! Other than a stiff neck, I was fine.

I ended up shooting a quick FirstGear TPG Overview Video on main street with Mark Kinkart, the Technical Product Specialist from FirstGear. Check it out below in Hi-Def!

Two Wheels Down,


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  1. Great review - a lot of other bikers must be loving this FirstGear apparel as well because I can barely keep it in stock. Crash testing biker armor in person, it doesn't get any better!


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