Tuesday, September 22

New FirstGear d3o TPG Armor Testing at RevZilla HQ

Have you seen the new d30 Molecular Armor that FirstGear is using in its 2010 TPG line? I have seen it worn it and Crashed in it. No BS ;-P

The soft armor turns completely rigid upon impact. The only other armor we have seen like this is the ultra high-end SAS-TEC from Germany that REV'IT! uses. We're impressed, FirstGear.

I wrecked at about 30mph on a rocky mountain trail two weeks ago wearing a TPG Rainier Jacket and TPG Escape Pants. I was standing and knew the bike was headed down so I jumped off and landed on my right side. No bruises, no breaks no errors... I rode for the next 3 days after that without even being stiff.

To say that I road tested the gear is an understatement. The TPG Armor lives in the 2010 TPG Rainer, TPG Teton and TPG Monarch Multi-Season destination jackets.


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  1. About time d3o got to the US. I've been wanting it for a couple years now. Of course, I'll just have to wait a few more years for it to show up in gear that's not ugly.


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