Thursday, September 17

An Open Letter to the Entertainment World and Celebrity Motorcycle Riders

Since RevZilla's inception a few years ago, I have always thought that at some point we would have the ability to ride with other interesting people of which we know are motorcycle enthusiasts.

In the last few years, other than sending Tommy Lee some dirt gear to be used in a music video, we have not had many brushes notable personalities who ride. That's a bummer. We like meeting people who have a good story to tell and are at the top of their profession. A ride and a beer with one of our boyhood rock gods wouldn't be bad either ;-)

So today I wanted send an open invitation to any motorcycle riding personality who we deem interesting enough to either hook-up with some gear or do some riding with - if they were interested. They could also come be on RevZillaTV and plug whatever they wanted to. Like I said - open invitation.

The list includes but is not limited to:

Dan Akroyd
Sonny Barger
Anthony Bourdain
Earnest Borgnine (If still living)
Alton Brown
Jackie Chan
Clint Eastwood
Rob Halford
Hulk Hogan
Billy Idol
Angelina Jolie
Anthony Keidis
Tommy Lee
Mick Mars
Joel McHale
Juan Pablo Montoya
Eddy Murphy
Vince Neil
Alfonso Ribiero
Axl Rose
Nikki Sixx
The Governator Shwarzenegger
Mr. T
Mike Tyson
Steven Tyler
Jan-Michael Vincent
Neil Young

So there you have it. If you are not on the list and are reasonably bummed out, shoot us a line and we will see what we can do. Bill O'Reilly, Kaye West, Russell Brand, anyone from the Hills on MTV - you're all annoying as hell and need not apply.


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