Monday, December 21

Puma Boots & Puma Flat v2 Boot Video at

(Cue the Mountain Lion sound effect...)

RevZilla picked up Puma Motorcycle Boots during the fall of 2009 and they have been a big hit so far. Most folks know PUMA as they are a global brand, but most people do not know that they have a specific motorcycle division which is taking the time to develop quality motorcycle boots for all riding styles. I am happy to say that after wearing them, they are not just a pair of mid-range boots with the Puma logo slapped on them. They are well thought out boots which directly and aggressively address the needs of the Street rider, Track rider and Touring motorcyclist. We also have found out that new for the Spring of 2010 they will start offering the classic Puma white logo along with a few new boots.

Check out our Video Review of the best selling Flat v2 and let us know what you think.

Two Wheels Down,



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