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REV'IT! and GORE-TEX Announce Partnership & Product Development Test Team Program

As many of you who have spoken to the Team or follow recently read, REV'IT! and GORE-TEX are teaming up to bring adventure touring motorcycle gear to new heights in 2010. For those of you who don't know GORE-TEX - they invented waterproof and breathable membranes and liners and have continued to pioneer the space. This is should be exciting to REV'IT! fans because it denotes potential improvement upon already stellar performance in the REV'IT! line moving forward.

REV'IT! and GORE-TEX are also joining forces to field an 2010 R&D and Prototype Product Development Test Team comprised of Hard Core Motorcycle Riders from all locales to field-test and and offer feedback on potential new products before they hit production lines. The hope is that more qualified rider feedback earlier and at a higher frequently during development will allow for better product refinement and vetting before a product goes to market. The end goal is more focused, innovative and quality products in the hands of the adventure rider much more rapidly. It will also eliminate the need for minor revisional improvements year to year on the same model garments moving forward based upon mass use over time.

We are fired up about this course of events and we're fired up for our friends, fellow inmates and customers to be able to be part of the development process.

To fill out the extensive tester application please visit and go from there. Also we at will be happy to answer any questions and facilitate any rider in helping them apply to the program.

Please see the official Press Release from REV'IT! Sport USA below.

Anthony Bucci

=== For Immediate Release=====
SUBJECT: REV’IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX form the motorcycle apparel industry’s first rider test team for product development.

REV’IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX have formed the motorcycle apparel industry’s first prototype and product development test team composed exclusively of rider-enthusiasts.

The purpose of this team is to learn firsthand how our products are used, how they perform in real world conditions, and what the perceived success of these new products will be in the market, says Jordan Levitt, REV’IT!’s North American Director. Both REV’IT! and GORE-TEX are market leading brands, with a focus on new technologies which will improve the quality, comfort and safety of motorcycle apparel.

Colin Bell, Motorsports Garments, GORE-TEX says "We are delighted to announce our new cooperation with the Netherlands based brand REV'IT!. REV'IT! is a well known and respected motorcycle apparel brand globally, thanks to their innovative and stylish designs and their proactive approach to garment technology and functionality. We believe that this proactively and focus makes REV'IT! and GORE-TEX® products a very complimentary partnership and we are very optimistic about our future business together.

The process is as follows: Riders who are interested in becoming part of the team may fill out an extensive survey at where they will input information about their riding habits, clothing sizes and other information allowing REV’IT! and GORE-TEX to assemble the team. The initial pool of riders is expected to be from 300-500 selectees, which will be divided into groups of 50 team members. These team members will receive products for testing, and will be expected to complete a product specific performance log on a regular basis during the life of the test. This data will be used to improve the products prior to the introduction to the market.

According to Mr. Levitt, riders are often vocal concerning their desires, likes and dislikes in regards to motorcycle apparel. For the first time ever, we are allowing them to become part of the development process. It’s very exciting for us to have direct rider interaction we expect that it will be exciting for the team members as well. To apply to become a test team member, simply go to www.motorcyclelab.comand apply.

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