Thursday, April 30

Dainese W Frame Leather Race Suit Picture Gallery

The Dainese W Frame Leather Race Suit is probably in the top 3 of the sickest, most gorgeous, most splendiferous race suits we have ever seen.

When you get your hands on gear that sexy there is only one thing to do. Shoot the hell out of it. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot.... and shoot some more.

He is wearing 2009 Sidi Vortice Boots, Dainese Full Metal Racer Gloves & and Arai Quantum 2 Hayes Jolly Roger Helmet as well.

See the Full Dainese W Frame Race Suit Picture Gallery


Tuesday, April 28

New AFX FX-37 Dual Sport Helmet at

At $103.99 the AFX FX37 is a steal if you need a motard / dual sport helmet but the Shoei Hornet DS or Arai XD3 are not an option due to cost.

We have been impressed with what we have seen thus far. This helmet absolutely fills a gap for the mid-range dual sport rider.

Click here to see the AFX FX-37 on or see more of the helmet at the AFX FX37 Photo Gallery

Friday, April 24

Dear Miller Lite, Sponsor Us.

Dear Miller Brewing Company. TeamZilla drinks Miller Lite exclusively. You should send it to us for free in case or keg format - whichever is easiest for you.

We even drink it in the studio (only after 4pm on Fridays, of course)

You can find our address on our web site.


ps - nick is 25 believe it or not.

Wednesday, April 22

REV'IT! GT Corse Glove Wins Best Summer Glove in MCN Mag

The REV'IT! GT Corse Race Glove just received the distinction of being rated the best Summer Motorcycle Glove over €100 by the UK's MCN Magazine. We have yet to cease being impressed with this less than 10 year old brand.

Comin in at number 2 was Valentino's glove, the Dainese Full Metal Racer.

Both are in stock and have been very popular in store.  The GT Corse goes for 169.99, the Full Metal Racer's titanium additions bump its price up to 329.99

Tuesday, April 21

New REV'IT! Motorcycle Gear FAQ & Information Thread

We typically get a ton of calls and emails relating to the the technical and functional aspects of much of our multi-season riding and adventure gear. I would surmise that the majority of the in-depth conversations we have relate to the higher-end apparel which is positioned for the most treacherous conditions. A lot of those calls relate directly to the REV'IT! lineup of clothing. In response to this we have added some new ways in helping our customer find the information they are looking for on their terms.

Check out our REV'IT! FAQ & Gear Thread on Post a question and have it quicky answered by a member of TeamZilla.

Also a permutation of the faq thread will remain on and be updated as we beef everything up. REV'IT! FAQ & Information Shoot us an email and we will update it to the thread.

Any questions in need of answer or suggestions for the FAQ can be email to CS[at] or posted to our gear thread. We hope this gives our loyal customer base another avenue for getting what they need in the manner which suits them the best.

Tuesday, April 14


Stock is high and prices are friggin' low. We just dropped all Fieldsheer on 20% below where it was when the day began - no exceptions. This includes all 2009 gear as well.

Click here to visit the Fieldsheer sale. When the stock is gone - its gone.


Tuesday, April 7

Matt, Nick and Patrick Interviewed for East Coast Biker...

I learned something new about my coworkers today after reading their interviews in East Coast Biker Magazine.

Matt likes "antique covered bridges, lazy Sundays and Pepperidge Farm mint Milano cookies"

Nick likes " nice rides down to Manayunk with the wind in his hair and roadside stallions for companionship"

Patrick is the only member of TeamZilla capable of giving a respectable answer when interviewed for a magazine.



Monday, April 6

2009 REVIT Airvolution Gloves

They finally Arrived.... Wow. Well done, REV'IT!

Warm Weather Perf'ed Leather Sport Glove for 2009. We all agreed that we will most likely all be upgrading our REV'IT! Monsters this season. These really are gorgeous and well put together.

Available in multiple colors and a Womens model. Check them out at

REV'IT! Airvolution Gloves : $109.99

REV'IT! Airvolution Womens Gloves : $109.99

See More Pics on our Flickr Gallery: REVIT Airvolution Glove

What REV'IT! Says:

"The AIRVOLUTION is a revolutionary new leather sports glove for the summer, offering a balance of protection and ventilation.

This short, sporty glove is almost fully ventilated for comfortable riding in the summer, but it is also completely equipped with all required protection. Knuckles, fingers, thumbs, and palms are all specially reinforced to offer ultimate protection where you need it. "


Thursday, April 2

REVIT Comet Warm Weather ADV Gloves

New for 2009 Textile / Leather composite sport touring and adventure summer medium cuff glove. It fills a great gap in the '08 REVIT lineup.

Buy them on RevZilla Here: REVIT COMET GLOVE : $74.99

"The lightweight COMET glove is designed for touring and off-road use, offering an ideal mix of protection, ventilation, and comfort. The stretch areas allow a precise fit and the short cuff allows mobility at the wrist. The leather-wrapped, hard-shell carbon knuckle, as well as padding on the palm and thumb, offer the level of protection and convenience that off-road and city riders alike demand. "

See more images of REV'IT Comet Gloves

Buy them on RevZilla Here: REVIT COMET GLOVE : $74.99


Lois Pryce Book Signing and Talk May 2nd & Adventure Rider Meetup

Its been confirmed, we will be meeting up at Eurosports in Coopersburg about an hour NW of Philadelphia at 10am. The Ride will leave at 11am and head for RevZilla in Philadelphia. RevZilla HQ and Store are located less than a mile from the Walt Whitman bridge.

Lois Pryce will be speaking at 2pm at RevZilla. Folks are free to hang with their bikes at the store as long as they like. Vitamin Water is sponsoring some refreshments and if we have our way Tony Luke will be there as well. We are expecting a large turnout of Adventure Touring enthusiasts and we should be videoing the event as well.

See our thread on

Schedule and Details:

10am MEET at Eurosports

Address for Eurosports (Formerly Martin Eurosports)
303 South 3rd Street
Route 309
Cooperburg, Pa 18036

11am Ride to RevZilla in Philadelphia

Address for RevZilla Motorsports
38 Jackson St
Philadelphia, Pa 19148

Contact cs[at] with any questions or post to the thread.


Wednesday, April 1

REV'IT Cayenne Pro Jacket and Pants

We got a request for some Hi-Res Shots of the Cayenne Pro in the lighter color combo this morning. We happily obliged. (evil laugh)

Always a blast to drag a member of the team away from their desk, dress them up in a ridiculous bomproof suit and then make them pose for pictures. Marcus is a good sport. He's also our resident Sport Bike Guru, so the Adventure-ness of the Cayenne Pro Jacket was 100% lost on him. He did get a nice little sweat going under the lights. :-p

Full Flickr Gallery of REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Pictures

If there is anything anyone would like to see just send us a message cs[at] and we can work it into the rotation.

Happy hunting!

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