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Video Review: Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack

Yes the Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack is one of those backpacks that "does it all" - and I know we've all heard it before... BUT....

I personally use this backpack everyday and ride as well as travel with it frequently. I will admit that for the price, it should do just about everything besides give you a back rub, but Alpinestars realized what needed to go into a apex product like this and executed quite well IMO.

For a full feature rundown, the product description nails it and the video covers the pack in depth, so be sure to watch it.

For the purposes of this post I think I am going to home in on my favorite features of the pack.

1. The Rain Fly which lives in its own pocket. I have used this many times and it works extremely well. Check out the pic of me caught in a downpour leaving the 2009 Mugello MotoGP. I was wet. My DSLR and Video Equipment were saved from ruin by the rain fly on this pack, thank god. (Look at the poor bastard in the poncho with no shoes, it's a sad state of affairs right there)

2. Expandability - This pack, via a waterproof external zipper goes from low profile and thin to expanded to hold a good amount of stuff. On the bike it's always in low-pro mode and when I travel I typically expand and pack a MacBook Pro, DSLR (in its case), Chargers, a book or two and other goodies. Its nice to have that flexibility.

3. Reinforced Laptop protective sleeve built in. Enough said.

4. Clear fold down Map / Easy-Pass Pocket on the sternum. Great space for anything that you would need readily available for your ride.

5. The low profile and aggressive shape of the pack nicely fits with any Alpinestars Jacket or other motorcycle leather I am wearing.

The Alpinestars Tech Aero is not an impulse buy, its 100% for the serious rider / traveler, but there is a ton of value to it. It gets the BoochZilla seal of approval.

It also comes in a tank bag: Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag and there is a less functional but cheaper version called the Alpinestars Charger Backpack as well.

You can see all of the Alpinestars Backpacks, Bags and Luggage at

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