Monday, February 1

2010 Alpinestars Gear Preview & Los Angeles Adventure

This year, out of a desire to get a sneak peak at the 2010 Alpinestars Line... and to run around LA like maniacs, TeamZilla (Matt, Nick and Myself) flew out west for a few days to hang with Astars in Los Angeles.

We had an adventure to say the least. We checked out their HQ in Torrance California, immersed ourselves in everything Astars and sat in more LA traffic than we care to remember. We also stayed on Sunset Boulevard, ate a few snakepit dinners (don't even ask) and saw more exotic autos than we could count.

We also managed to film a bit of video from our travels and traffic jams. Also if you watch toward the end you can see a sneak peek at the 2010 line. Shhhhh......

The big takeaway for me though, was just being impressed with the Astars organization as a whole. I was impressed with the leadership, operation, the staff, the distribution center and impressed that even sitting in the vending area right behind warehouse receiving there was an impassioned letter to staff from Gabriele, the owner of Astars, encouraging everyone to be true to the core values of what Alpinestars stands for.

We spent a good chunk of time in their showroom learning about the ~30 new products for 2010 which will be unveiled on February 12th and the "why" behind the development of these new products. We were pretty impressed and are looking forward to launching the whole video and product lineup on and RevZillaTV in two weeks.

From a high level, its obvious that I am excited and I hope that our loyal Alpinestars customer base is as well. I also hope that if you are a RevZilla customer who may not know about or currently be wearing an Alpinestars Jacket - give them a look the next time you are looking to replace or upgrade a piece of gear - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Be sure to check back on 2/12 to see the new Alpinestars gear in detail. Also there are more pics from the trip in the mobile uploads section of our RevZilla Facebook Page

Oh, and for the record, we saw David Spade at dinner on Friday Night and he's 5'1" ... and he was with ridiculously scandalous blonds. God bless Joe Dirt.

Two Wheels Down,


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