Monday, February 1

High Noon in West Texas

In an effort to bring you, our loyal customer the best deal coupled with the best service, we at RevZilla go to great lengths to maximize the efficiencies of our supply chain. We, in turn, always pass those effciencies on to our customers in the hope of measuring up to the ever increasing demands of the savvy online shopper.

Sometimes, however, I take a step back and look at the negotiations between RevZilla and it's vendors, where they breakdown and the eventual outcome; at times these negotiations take surprising turns. Today was no exception.

We have been having issues with a new for 2010 product which has been preordered at a high level and the wait and delays for its release have been stifling. Today I contacted the Texas based management and entered into a negotiation in the hopes of circumventing the standard product channels to potentially receive a stock replenishment faster than the typical schedule set forth by our normal distribution partner for this product.

After multiple attempts at a workaround, the last few attempts at a resolution between myself and their VP of Sales arrived here:

VP of Sales:  "Sorry but there is no way around it, Company X has chosen Distributor X, Distributor Y and Distributor Z to be the main distribution channels.  Wish I could help but my hands are tied."

My Response: "Steal them with a truck. Drive south to the border. I will wear a fake mustache and stylish western hat. I will make the exchange with you and promise not to double cross."

VP of Sales: "Sorry bud but I will help you all I can"

The exchange left me thinking two things. 1) Do I have an outside shot at robbing the stagecoach here? 2) I love being in the motorcycle industy. That was a completely absurd email response.

Most of this crap would never fly in any other industry I ever worked in (besides Casinos). God I love RevZilla and I love thinking of creative ways to serve or customers by being ridiculous to our vendors for my own amusement. It never gets old.

Rubbin's Racin'


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