Tuesday, February 16

2010 Gear: Sidi Fusion Boot

I love it when brands step up and manufacturers listen regarding new products. Just like the need for a mid range adventure touring boot which SIDI covered in the new Adventure Rain, for some time we have seen the need for a mid range beefed up sportbike boot from SIDI at a lower price. For 2010 we are very happy to offer the SIDI Fusion Boot, a motorcycle boot designed for the sprited street rider who does not need all of the functionality of the track but wants some of those elements.

The SIDI Fusion, at $200, replaces the popular SIDI B-2 boot (was $235) and includes many of the same features. A reinforced track style upper for protection and support and track style sole as well as a plastic replaceable toe-slider round out all the wealth of tech features to be found here. In our opinion SIDI has a large and loyal following for a reason, and this boot allows that following to be able to get better bang for the buck. It gives a shot at affordability for even more riders desiring the SIDI level of quality.

The B-2 is actually still in the line, but for 2010 you can only get it in a full-scale GORE-TEX version at $325 which is fully weatherproof. Check out the SIDI B-2 GORE-TEX Boots here.

The SIDI Fusion Boot is now shipping.

Looking foward to beating on a pair when the weather changes a bit here in Philly....

Rubbin's Racin...


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