Wednesday, February 10

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots Hi-Res Photography

For the last couple of weeks the new for 2010 Sidi Adventure Rain Boots have been tough to keep in stock. For those just seeing them for the first time now they are a beefed up dualsport cross-over boot which is completely weatherproof, relatively light and reinforced with a good mix of MX style armor on the exterior. These Sidi Boots are a different approach than the Sidi Discovery Rain Boots but are not nearly as heavy or MX focused as the Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots.

I dragged a pair of the New Adventure Rains into the photo studio today and shot the hell out of them. It seems that there were no hi-res shots floating around on the internet - so I decided to fix that. ;-) You know the video is on its way shortly, but for now check out the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots photo gallery and the highlights below.


And for those of you wondering, yes, I had them under some pretty intense florescent lights, they look a bit brown in a few pics but in reality are completely jet black.

Two wheels down,

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