Wednesday, February 10

NEW VIDEOS: 2010 Alpinestars Jackets and Gear Firstlook

A week back we posted our Alpinestars LA Adventure post and a few days ago when the new Alpinestars Gear went live on RevZilla we posted about our first pass at favorite new Astars 2010 gear here on BlogZilla... today all of the new 2010 Alpinestars Gear Video is live, organized and happy in its own RevZillaTV playlist.

If you feel like veggin' out on a Winter Wednesday and perusing the new products check out our Alpinestars 2010 Gear playlist.

On a side note, I want a Ducati with a side-car with a machine gun on it - I have no idea what that has to do with Alpinestars, though. It must be a snowy Wednesday thing - or a byproduct of 4 cups of coffee by 2pm.


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