Wednesday, February 10

2010 Icon Jacket and Gear Roundup - The Best of The Rest

Booyah, son. Booyah!

I promised a rundown of what we consider the standouts in the rest of the 2010 Icon Jackets and Gear lineup in our New 2010 Icon Helmet post late last week. This is that post. Interested in hearing your opinion and whether you think we nailed it or missed the mark. So here is what got us hot n' bothered right now... (besides the 2010 Pirelli calendar)

2010 Icon Sub Stealth Glove - Short-cuff low profile motorcycle glove with knuckle plastic hardparts and a full goatskin palm at $45 bucks. Winner. The Icon Twenty-Niner was a homerun last year for riders wanting something basic to rip around in. Consider this glove the "Forty-Fiver"; its the dad in the "rip-around" glove family. The Sub comes in 4 flavors which include some color options, a Sub Sacrifice glove, Sub Etched glove as well as a Street Angel women's glove version.

2010 Icon Hooligan 2 Etched Mesh Jacket - Based on the wildly successful original Hooligan mesh jacket, for 2010 Icon is pushing an Etched version to match the new Variant Motard Helmet as well as the Sub Etched glove. The Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket also comes in a plain version. Compared to the previous version this new chassis has an upgraded line to it along with upgraded armor, a back pad and a removable thermal liner. $165 for the plain, $185 for the Etched - 4 colors and sizes up to 4XL (black). This will be a staple and an easy choice for the serious sport riding Icon moto-vigilante.

Icon Mil-Spec Field Armor Vest - It's the same Field Armor Vest from 2009, but now meets Mil Spec PPE hi-visibility requirements on top of the already offered CE protection to both chest and back - with a pocket for creds no less. $120. We think this one was low hanging fruit and are surprised it took this long for someone to nail it.  Go Icon, it's your birthday.

Icon Hella Street Angel Jacket - At $240, a sexy new take on the original Icon Hella Jacket in 3 colors. Icon also released a new set of matching Hella Street Angel Chaps  and Hella Street Angel Boots for the ladies. - unleash the inner vixen, baby. unleash it!

Ride or die, son. Ride or die.... and will someone make it warmer in the northeast or I am going to lose it, call Wayne Brady and go on a crime spree.


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  1. The jackets are cool! Quality and design of this brand are reliable. My guy love this brand even he's not a rider.


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