Saturday, February 20

2010 TeamZilla Indy Dealer Show Recap Video

We went to Indy last weekend. I have said it 16 times at this point. We made it back in one piece and I have been talking about it all week. It's always enlightening in many ways and we always manage to have a good time out there. We also always try to manage a comp'ed steak somewhere. This year was no exception.

Enjoy our Indy 2010 Deler Expo Recap.

I will continue to rant and rave as I trickle out more nuggets from the show, but for now I hope you enjoyed our video, the creepy youth sport bike jacket mannequin and the haggeredness of our cab ride. We were as out of gas as they come by the end of that trip. I just had visions of pushing that cab out of a snow ditch and wanting to die. I am happy that was not the case.

Happy hunting,


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