Monday, February 22

FirstGear Colorado Adventure Write Up in Dealer News

Last September I flew out to Colorado with FirstGear to beat on the new TPG line of Adventure Jackets and Pants and offer my feedback and impressions. I wore a TPG Rainier Jacket and a pair of TPG Escape Pants on the trek and was impressed with their performance and how they held up when I crashed. Yes, I crashed on Day 2.

Some other industry friends were along for the ride, notably Dennis Johnson, Editor of Dealer News. It's taken some time but last week he posted his account of the adventure which saw many climates and temperatures over 4 days of dualsporting and road riding. I promised a full rider report at some point. It only happened halfway at best. Read Dennis' account. He's a good writer.

Check out Dennis's full account here: Ripping through the Rockies with FirstGear and Tucker Rocky.

We even shot some video on the street in Crested Butte detailing the gear mid-journey.

Two Wheels Down,


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