Friday, March 12

Jason Britton Joins Two Brothers Racing - and installs his full system!

You gotta love Jason Britton. We have all seen a million stunters at this point, but once you see Jason do a demo in person, you quickly realize why he has been at the top of the heap for some time.

I saw Jason ride up close for the first time a few years ago and was really impressed - and normally I think circle wheelies and stoppies are yawn inspiring after about 5 minutes. Not so with Jason. The doesn't just go out and ride haphazardly, he puts on a performance with charisma to spare. Credit where credit is due.

I hate to sound like a fanboy because I am by no means a die hard stunter, but I am genuinely impressed with Jason Britton as a brand and what it stands for in our moto-universe. The dude is also good to his fans. I have seen him in action. Bravo.

This morning a video of Jason's official 1st day with Two Brothers Racing hit my inbox. Its a well done video showcasing a gnarly new Two Brothers exhaust jovially being installed by Jason. Look at Jason work the wrench!

Go on with your bad self, Jason Britton. See you at the next GP.

Anthony Bucci

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