Tuesday, March 16

REV'IT!'s MotoGP Victory Suit, Jerez Glove and Gear Lineup for de Puniet and Bautista

This press release hit my radar this morning from REV'IT!. It basically breaks down the gear that Randy de Puniet and Alvaro Bautista will be rocking in the MotoGP this year. I know I have posted about it often before, but this is a press release right from the horses mouth, so I deemed it worth sharing.

From REV'IT! Holland:

When the REV'IT! R&D team set out to design the 2010 line, we aimed to make gear that could withstand every situation their customers might throw at it. This meant setting the toughest possible product specifications, to go above and beyond what average non-professional motorcyclists would need – whether they were everyday riders, track-day riders, or serious sports riders.

To find the most demanding conditions possible, there is only one place to look: the MotoGP. From this comes the REV’IT! design philosophy: if a product is good enough for a MotoGP racer, then it will definitely provide REV’IT! customers with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and performance.

In 2008 REV'IT! entered into its first MotoGP sponsorship, with racing star Randy de Puniet. During that year Randy crashed a record 24 times. Thanks to his gear, however, he escaped without a single severe injury. With results like these, there might not seem much room for improvement – but REV'IT! isn’t known for settling.

The combination of the new Victory one-piece suit with the Excellerator undersuit is a perfect example of how REV’IT! is constantly making improvements to its professional-level gear, which work in synergy for superior performance. Developed with the feedback of Randy de Puniet, the VICTORY and EXCELLERATOR offer unprecedented quality and safety to the public consumer market.


Our new VICTORY one-piece suit has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and protection. The suit features the brand-new REV'IT! knee protector and reinforced shin pieces for safety. Comfort and convenience are enhanced by suede in the collar, an extra calf-zipper for easy on and off, an inner pocket on the belly, and a full climate-control inner suit with aero cool 3D mesh panels on the back and underarms (including air channels for ventilation). The new VICTORY gives you great protection in comfortable style.


The lightweight EXCELLERATOR suit uses moisture-wicking and thermal-regulation technology to keep you comfortable in all seasons and under all conditions. Anatomically shaped to be worn under a leather one-piece suit, the EXCELLERATOR prevents overheating in summer and hypothermia in winter, with stretchable PE that offers comfortable support for the body and reduces muscle fatigue. For additional comfort, this under-suit features thumb and ankle straps to accommodate all types of racers.


The JEREZ glove is the number one choice for the serious racer who puts safety first. The JEREZ combines premium-quality materials like kangaroo leather and Superfabric with great protective features. The glove has a completely new range of dual compound hard parts, most prominent among them the hard-shell knuckle and hard palm slider. Inspired by Moto GP feedback, the Kevlar stitching is positioned on the outside of the glove, giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity every racer demands.


For great water-repellant properties during races, the TRITON rain jacket is the choice of professional riders. Worn by MotoGP rider Randy de Puniet during the 2009 MotoGP season, the TRITON shields the seams and perforations of your leathers to prevent them from getting soaked. The transparent design leaves the racing leathers visible, while the snug but flexible fit preserves your freedom of movement so you can perform at your best.

Two Wheels Down!

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