Wednesday, April 21

2010 Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide Video at

It's riding season again and almost summer - what is missing or busted up in your moto closet? If you are looking to make some replacements this year, keep reading and let us make some suggestions.

In an effort to help new and experienced riders make better informed decisions when buying motorcycle gear, this year we decided to make a few videos which illustrate at a high level the answers to the gear questions that we get most frequently. If none of these vids speak directly to you or your type of riding, bear with us, the rest are coming, across a wide span of sub-genres.

For this first pass we tackled summer weather motorcycle gear that offered Maximum Airflow (Part 1), Upgraded Protection (Part 2) and Leather & Versatility (Part 3). Each one of the following videos homes in on a combination of motorcycle jacket, pants and gloves which will match, fit and protect for a wide range of budgets and styles.

We focused mostly on some of the gear that people see less frequently, REV'IT! and Dainese, but expect to see a few more videos which will cover some other popular brands and applications with our picks for standouts within those areas. There is a lot of textile and mesh in the coming presentations with a little flavor of leather in the last one.

Remember all of these items are currently being showcased within our 2010 Summer Gear Guide Section of You can also see the full videos and individual product videos there as well as on RevZillaTV on YouTube.

Part 1 - Maximum Airflow

Part 2 - Upgraded Protection

Part 3 - Leather & Versatility

For a first pass at parts 1 through 3 we covered a good chunk but, as I said said earlier there is much more to come. Also with regard to womens' options, be sure to hit the full 2010 Summer Gear Guide Product Section on to see the many women specific versions of the products that we just listed.

Stay tuned and ALL feedback is welcome. If you have anything you would like to see in outfit form, be sure to send us a line via or on Facebook.

Two wheels down,

Anthony Bucci

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