Friday, April 9

Texas Hill Country Ride Day 3 - Over the Hills and Far Away

You have seen Day 1 and Day 2 at this point which have all led up to the spectacular riding which was day 3.

Day 3 of the ride was by far the best day. I actually started the day mildly hungover (which you will see in the video) due to a great little cigar bar called Lincoln Street a block from our hotel.

Kickstands up at 9am from The Inn at Baron's Creek and we headed out to true Texas Hill Country by way of Vanderpool, Leakey, Medina and the list goes on.

It was some of the most scenic and fun riding I have ever done with beautiful landscapes and passes as well as livestock which seemed to continually get way too close to the road.

The weather was about 50 in the morning and probably topped out close to 80 in the afternoon.

I swapped out my FirstGear Kenya for the River Road Vise Leather Jacket. I was really glad that I did, it ended up being my favorite jacket that I wore on the trip. Really nice weight and fit to it and I particularly liked the rolled collar. The Vise also had a zip out thermal liner which did not make it past lunch. Just a well designed jacket overall.

Earlier in the day, actually before lunch we hit the Lone Star Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool TX. That was a great bike rally in the middle of nowhere. Really neat relics inside and really beautiful rides in the parking lot. The Ducati Club of Houston was there as well in full force.

This is me with Al, Steve, Ken, Dave and Kyle on the Museum Floor. After that we cruised to Leakey for Lunch.

Also knowing that we were going to hit more solidly warm weather I actually took out the thermal lining of my River Road Taos Pants and swapped the liner with a pair of Kevlar Jeans as an under layer. At a point in the afternoon I dropped the Taos Pants and went with the Kevlar Jeans. I am very much a proponent of ATGATT and felt a bit naked, but in the Texas mid-afternoon sun it was a much warranted approach.

Day three was pretty wild for our group as well. We rode up upon 2 unfortunate HD's which had been run into the guard rail through no fault of their own which really stunk. It actually turned into a 2 mile + long back up which you can see on the video and the pic below.

Also poor Butch from ITP Wheels lent his Ultra Glide to Al from Mustang Seats and Al managed to pick up a nail... on Butch's Bike! We all felt for Butch as he scrambled across West Texas to the nearest HD dealer who would have a replacement tire.... by truck. (frown face)

I took the most pictures of any day on day three. As previously stated day three's 240 miles were 100% the best riding miles of the trip. You can see the pictures on our Day 3 Flickr Gallery located here.

We eventually looped back to Fredricksberg to the Inn at Baron's Creek to rest up for our 4th and final day if riding.

Don't miss the pics or the video. Also there is a good breakdown of the gears performance in the video for this go around.

Day 4 is hightailing 300 miles back to Dallas and then the trip home... more to come.

Two Wheels Down,


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