Tuesday, April 6

Where are we again? - Day 2 of the Texas Hill Country Ride

Day two began as kickstands went up at 9am. We departed Decatur and headed SW 300 miles to Fredricksberg. We hit a small amount of slab on the trip but for the most part is was windy roads off the beaten path as we traversed the countryside.... pinned in 6th gear... at 95 mph. Hilarious.

It was cold Friday and I was counting my blessings that I had a thermal liner in both my Firstgear Kenya Jacket as well as my River Road Taos Pants. The day started at 40 degrees and probably inched its way just North of 65 in the mid afternoon. I dropped my liners after lunch and it was just right. I rode day 2 in the same gear as day one.

The title of the video for day 2 is "Where are we again?" because we just kept hitting little towns and intersections that seemed to just pop up. I mostly was along for the ride, blindly following the leader closer to the depths of Texas motorcycle oblivion.... ok I admit it... I'm embellishing...

We also kept running into this one mixed bag of trikes which I could only call the "Wild Boys" due to the ridiculous nature of their rides.

God bless Texas. They do what they want. And they do it bigger than we do at home.

The other funny part of day 2 was at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Goldthwaite. Aside from being charged an extra .75 cents per Sausage from the buffet and a waitstaff that watched us like hawks - the best was when I was in the buffet line and this exchange took place:

Buffet Server Lady - "Do you want gravy your chicken fried steak?"

Me - "What kind of gravy do you have?"

Buffet Server Lady - "White."

Me - "Oh, what flavor is that?"

Buffet Server Lady - "White."


Buffet Server Lady - "You're not from Texas, are you?"

Me - "What gave it away?"

I posted a gallery of pics from day one and two combined in my last post. You can find the Day 1 Ride post and video here and a link to the Flickr Gallery Here.

I rated and broke down my thoughts and impressions of the gear each day at the end of the videos. If you are interested in any of the gear I rode be sure to check the video out. It was a solid 390 miles in the gear after day 2 concluded.

Day three was Hill Country for about 230 miles around Fredrickberg and I rocked some new gear. Stay tuned.


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