Tuesday, July 6

Arctic Adventure

I made it to Yellowstone today.  I'm about a day behind schedule so I really only scratched the surface of what Yellowstone has to offer.  Stopping frequently to take pictures eats into your riding time!  I was able to get pictures of buffalo, elk (I think) and a moose.  I wasn't able to get a picture of a big beautiful bald eagle I saw because my camera battery conked out about an hour before.

The Yellowstone Lodge is one spectacular  building!  First, it's huge!  My picture doesn't do it justice.  And, it's beautiful in that mountain lodge sort of way.  I can imagine being there with the boss (my wife) while wearing a turtle neck sweater and drinking hot chocolate by a big roaring fire while snow piles up outside.  Although, I image back in Philly imagining a roaring fire is probably the last thing you want to do seeing that your getting temps around 100 (which is what I was riding through the past few days).  However, for me, that fire would be good right about now - the morning temp started at 40, rose to about 70 and then dropped to 50 for my last two hours of riding.  I suspect it'll drop down to the low 40s or upper 30s tonight.  I might breakout my heated gear tomorrow.  It's an electric jacket and pants that plugs into the bike and keeps me warm while riding.

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