Tuesday, July 6

RevZilla Interviews Nate Kern at NJMP

RevZilla went out to NJMP last week to spend a day with BMW's favorite son Nate Kern. We got to watch him rip his beastly S1000RR down the track and in between sessions, we got a chance to talk with N8! about bikes, racing, gear, and his future. Check out the two part interview below. There is also a Track Day Highlight Reel that we'll be releasing shortly.

Part 1 Topics: Being BMW's S1000RR Ambassador, Riding a Boxer, Stock vs Race S1000RR, Electronics & Racing, REV'IT! Victory Suit

Part 2 Topics: The REV'IT! Victory Suit and REV'IT! Jerez Gloves he crashed in, Racing in Europe (`04) vs Racing in the US, This Season and His Future

Stay tuned for more.


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