Friday, July 23

Puma Desmo: Road Riding in Style

When you think Puma, the first thought that comes to mind is style. For years Puma has cemented their name in the world of athletic footwear as a high-performance and stylish manufacturer. Their recent dabbling into the world of motorcycle boots is no different. The Puma Desmo boots, available in a brand new color scheme, remain true to Puma's trend of creating standout products. 100% developed in-house at Puma, the same R&D went into these boots as all of their other standout products.

The Puma Desmo is a performance boot constructed to be versatile, durable, and stylish for the motorcycle rider who keeps it sport and street. The Desmo has impact protection features that compete with all high-end sport touring boots: internal nylon ankle cockpit; TPU shin, heel, forefoot, calf & toe protection; Zinc sliders on the toe and back of ankle; Flex inserts in the heel & forefoot; a rubber gear shifter; a comfort sock liner that is pre-molded and offers excellent vibration absorption; and finally, that superior Puma sole: high density and built for stability, grip and oil/abrasion resistance. Whew. That was a lot on the feature set. But these boots are really impressing us.

If you're a rider who focuses mostly on the sport road riding aspect of the motorcycle world, these boots are worth a good hard look. They go head-to-head with any of the high end road riding boots we carry at RevZilla.

And they surely aren't going to stay on the shelves for long, so take a look before they're all gone!


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