Monday, July 26

REV'IT! Jerez Race-Level Glove Review

Turning to REV'IT! is always a good decision when you're on the hunt for track gear. MotoGP rider Randy De Puniet knows. So do MotoGP's Alvaro Bautista and BMW's Nate Kern. They are all wearing REV'IT! Jerez Gloves, the pro-level gauntlet offering from the Dutch manufacturer for this season.

The REV'IT Jerez Gloves utilize a combination of high-quality materials such as Superfabric (a ceramic material 14x more abrasion-resistant than Kevlar) and the always supple and tactile kangaroo and goat leathers. For protection, they utilize REVIT's proprietary dual-comp slider that's used in the REV'IT! Victory race suit. It is a honeycomb hard-part that's topped with an aluminum slider; it's utilized across the knuckles and at the side of the wrist for serious impact protection. TPU hard parts across the finger knuckles for protection, and breathable 3D mesh lining to wick moisture away from your hand and maintain a comfortable microclimate within the glove. Finally, the stitching. Every racer and trackday rider knows that the seams are what make and break motorcycle gear in the event of a crash. REVIT! Jerez gloves utilize external Kevlar safety stitching. After his crash, Nate Kern said that the seems were what most kept him from severe injury. He promptly called REVIT and asked them for another suit and gloves. That's a serious cosign.

Check out the REVIT Jerez Gloves to match up with the rest of your gear for your next race. A great feature set at a reasonable price point. Also, check out all of the motorcycle race gloves we carry at RevZilla.

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